Treepartner Training Courses


Casualty Management and Rescue Techniques Training

(including HSE ‘Emergency First Aid at Work’ qualification)

In addition to the Emergency First Aid at Work qualification, this course allows for extended role play of a number of potential tree care specific incident scenarios. It includes practice of a number of rescue techniques which can be tailored to the clients needs e.g. climbing steep or unstable slopes.

Why Treepartner Training?

  • 4:1 trainee to instructor ratio
  • Delivered by instructors with extensive and current experience
  • Casualty management and rescue training specifically for the tree care industry
  • Minimum of six hours contact time with a paramedic
  • Hands on approach
  • Group Bookings can be tailored to your organisation
  • Offers the opportunity to gain the HSE ‘Emergency First Aid at Work’ qualification (valid for 3 years)
This 2-day course covers the following topics:
  • Risk Assessment and Emergency Procedures
  • First Aid at Work Qualification
  • Remote Working
  • Casualty Management
  • Rescue Techniques Overview
  • Incident Management and Casualty Handover
  • Communication – within and between teams
Day 1 – Emergency First Aid at Work

This is an HSE approved course with ongoing assessment by a paramedic. Successful candidates will gain the qualification ‘Emergency First Aid at Work’ which is valid for 3 years. This course meets the HSE’s recommendation for annual first aid ‘refresher’ training.

The course has a minimum of 6 contact hours with a qualified paramedic and will include all the compulsory elements covered by a standard first aid course together with a particular focus on tree work related injuries:

  • Head/spinal injuries e.g. from falls or falling objects
  • Safe removal of helmets
  • Serious bleeding including partial or full amputation e.g. from handsaw, chainsaw or woodchipper
  • Crush injuries from falling/rolling timber or equipment
  • Burns e.g. from chainsaws and other machinery
  • Heat illness and exhaustion

Day 2 – Rescue Management

A practical (on site) day delivered by a paramedic which includes:

  • Discussion about site specific risk assessment e.g. the importance of preventative measures and the recording and communicating of accurate site information
  • An update on current aerial rescue techniques
  • A focus on incident management
  • Work on a number of generic and tree care specific scenarios
  • Rehearsal of skills achieved during Day One. This will include how to formally handover to trained medical personnel
  • Teamwork, cooperating with medical personnel and following instructions

Scenarios can be tailored to represent your needs. Here are some examples of possible rescue situations:

  1. Casualty is conscious and safely secured within the fine branch area of a spreading broadleaf canopy. The casualty has a serious bleed to their forearm and is located on top of a branch above a busy road.
  2. Casualty is unconscious and lodged in a branch crotch after a large uncontrolled pendulum swing. The work site is a twenty-minute walk across rough terrain from a forest track, which is the nearest vehicular access.
  3. Casualty is trapped during a rigging operation. The climber’s lower body is pinned by a tip-roped section that has dropped off the cut. The casualty is conscious and communicating symptoms that suggest a spinal injury.

Course Fees

Price per person (2 days)

Minimum of 4 attendees required



  • Although this has been designed as a two-part course running over a two-day period, it is possible to add extra days for additional Rescue Management elements, allowing further consolidation and practice. Equally, either part may be run as an individual one-day course. Please enquire for prices and details.
  • The training includes formal assessment in ‘Emergency First Aid at Work’ via First Aid at Work Ltd (HSE approved).
  • Following successful completion of the training, a Treepartner Training Record of Training and Achievement (certificate) will be issued.